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Since its first cultivation, chocolate has evoked passion. From its historic roots as an important tool of trade (the Mayans & Aztecs often used cacao beans as a form of money – see History of Chocolate) to the jubilant way in which modern man approaches the prospects of a chocolate dessert, chocolate has always been adored. In fact, there are very few people who don’t like chocolate in some form or another. Whether it’s dark chocolate or milk chocolate and whether it’s chocolate bars or chocolate truffles; chocolate has something for almost everyone.

Our passion for chocolate also runs deep. We’ve created this site to promote the enjoyment of chocolate in its purest form. While we don’t discourage the consumption of chocolate truffles, chocolate cake, and any other dessert form chocolate can take, it’s the gourmet chocolate bars that truly allow you to enjoy the sensuous and subtle notes pure chocolate can offer. There’s nothing quite like the sensation of holding back the urge to bite down on a rich piece of dark chocolate, instead letting it slowly melt in your mouth. If you’ve never sat down to a "chocolate tasting", we think you’re in for a quite a treat!